Services Overview

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and natural search engine optimization services.

Search engines are the number one way Internet users find websites and are proven to deliver the highest pre-qualified audience online. Search engine marketing is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising and is the most used marketing and advertising medium today.

Market Overview

Last year, North American advertisers spent US$11.5 billion on search engine marketing, a 60% increase over the prior year and a 1,250% increase over the previous year. The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and BING AdCenter. Because of the complex technology, many rely on third party agencies to manage their search marketing for them.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. The higher a site appears in the natural search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Studies show over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% advanced to the second page search results. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Keyword Phrase Research

Working with the client, PositionKing™ determines keywords and keyword phrases within the specific client industry that draw the most traffic. Determining your keyword focus may be the single most important element within the SEO strategy.

Website Navigation

Creating good web site navigation is the most important task a web designer has to accomplish in the web design process. Web site navigation is not only the pathway people take to navigate through a website, but it is also how a search engine navigates through a website. It should be well constructed, easy to use and descriptive. Improper navigation can block search engines from effectively crawling and indexing your website.

Content Management Systems

Content Management systems including Joomla, Druple, and WordPress should be optimized for the individual editing of every page including Title, Description, Keyword and Body Content Modifications. PositionKing™ can work directly with the client's web developer to ensure smooth transition of recommendations.

Content Optimization

Using search terms established in the "Keyword Phrase Research, targeted pages are selected for Body Content Optimization and our experienced copywriters create search engine friendly content for clients page, which still look and feel aesthetically pleasing.

Implementation Support

Code will be delivered in copy/paste format with easy to follow instructions. PositionKing™ can assist with implementation when applicable.

Link Building

Search engines judge a website's value or "Online Credibility" based on the number and "Quality" of other websites linking to it. This practice is commonly referred to as "Link Popularity". Quality websites are websites that exhibit high levels of link popularity. The process of improving your link popularity is called "Link Building".

Social Media

Developing a social media presence is extremely important in today's ever-changing marketing environment. Social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube allow companies to interact with customers in ways they could have never imagined, using PCs, mobile phones and other technology. Understanding how to use and leverage these outlets can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Sponsored Advertising / Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model for websites where advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked. Cost per click (CPC) is the amount of money an advertiser pays search engines and other Internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website.

Although many PPC providers exist, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter are the three largest network operators, and all three operate under a bid-based model. Cost per click (CPC) varies depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword.

Directory Placement

An important step in any search engine optimization campaign is the process of building link popularity to your site. Properly done, link building is one of the most powerful movers in SEO in conjunction with proper code and content.

Google Places / Maps / Reviews

Google Places is a mapping application detailing geographically defined locations using Google Maps which displays the address or area of businesses and points of interest, which provides Google user reviews. Google Maps powers many other map location services, provides street maps and routes. Having a Google Places account is essential for optimized rankings and a is a business locator for countries throughout the globe.

Press Release

PositionKing will create and distribute your news to every major news site and search engine on the web, placing it in front of the world wide web of consumers and journalists. In addition, PostionKing sends your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! News, and Bing, as well as thousands of journalists, bloggers, and opt-in news subscribers.

Blog Reviews

Blogging is a simple avenue for non-coders to place their message online. Many blog services are even free for casual or non-demanding professional uses and many individuals and companies use blogs for free marketing.

Reputation Management

PositionKing provides proven reputation management techniques to enhance the Search Engine Results of Clients. The services provided by PositionKing are proven to increase online name and brand reputation. Achieving high search engine ranking results is a preferred and necessary Internet marketing strategy for name reputation and brand control.

Tracking and Reporting

Reports can be delivered in a variety of ways to best accommodate the customer including email, fax or mail. Account managers discuss reports with client regularly. PositionKing™ uses Google Analytics to determine Search engine traffic, individual search engine referrers, visitors, and conversions.

Account Management

PositionKing™ provides a single and reliable point of contact, notification of new opportunities within the search medium, and continual reporting and requirements analysis.

PositionKing™ uses its proprietary SEO Management System to coordinate every project which alert support managers when client pages are not loading properly, have incorrect tags, or drop in rankings. Files, notes, and reports are kept in a central location.

Why PositionKing

PositionKing™ is a compilation of years of experience using proven practices and standards for successful search engine placement, offering the client the combined knowledge of a hand selected team of trusted Internet marketing experts. PositionKing leaders have participated as editors in the Open Directory Project, (DMOZ), been acknowledged by Google as AdWords Experts, and recognized by Yahoo as Yahoo Ambassadors. Using proven techniques and a topnotch success rate, PositionKing can take your website from nowhere to everywhere.

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